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Hans-Joachim von Wirth

Hans-Joachim von Wirth

Hans-Joachim von Wirth is the managing director of AlphaSpot LLC, which he founded in 2021 after moving to Paraguay. He has more than 30 years of capital market experience in major international and private banks, including Sal.Oppenheim and Credit Suisse. For more than 10 years he was exclusively responsible for private wealth management and advising family offices and UHNWI. Among other things, he has developed and implemented an individual, very successful sustainability investment portfolio that focused on an impact approach and not the industry standard of the best-in-class principle.
His areas of expertise are capital market monitoring and analysis, portfolio construction, blockchain technology and lectures in the crypto and capital market sector.
Evelin Rütten

Evelin Rütten

Evelin Rütten is managing director of AlphaSpot LLC. She has almost 30 years of experience in major international and private banks (including Sal. Oppenheim and Pictet). Her focus was on setting up and managing the back office, process optimization, the co-development and implementation of portfolio management and controlling systems as well as the key function between back and front office. She was part of a small team of experts that developed and implemented a sophisticated portfolio management application for the portfolio management of what was once Europe's largest private bank.
She takes care of all processing issues in the company and is responsible for technical and organisational tasks as well as presentations and controlling.
The couple emigrated from Germany to Paraguay in June 2021, making their dream of emigrating at retirement age come true even earlier. Working as self-employed people suits them very well and their 4 adult children, who continue to live and work / study in Germany, are happy for their parents and use them as a role model to turn their dreams into reality.

In his free time, Hans-Joachim, or Hajo for short, deals with the latest technological developments and is also a passionate cook.

Evelin is an enthusiastic amateur photographer and choir singer.


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